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X Original Soundtrack


SM Records: GA-084
Music: Yasuaki Shimizu
  1. Intoxicating Blossoms
    16 kbps 11khz mono 1:14 sec.
  2. Maybe it Wept
  3. On Returning
    16 kbps 11khz mono 51 sec.
  4. Domino Fallout I
  5. Glass Planet
  6. Domino Fallout II
  7. Ephemeral Love
  8. Zuzun! Zuzun!
  9. Domino Fallout III
  10. Tokyo Transfigured
  11. It Had To Be So
  12. Hinoto The Wizard
  13. If Only I Were Closer...
  14. We Were Three
  15. Domino Fallout IV
  16. Love And Hate
  17. Domino Fallout V
  18. Fuma Clashes With Kamui
  19. Death Of Ten No Ryu
  20. Something Strange
  21. Tragedy: Movement 1
  22. Tragedy: Movement 2
  23. Tragedy: Movement 3
    16 kbps 11khz mono 1:02 sec.
  24. Bonus Track: Forever
  25. Bonus Track: Forever Original Karaoke

Note: The official soundtrack (non-SM Records) does not include the 2 bonus tracks.


I think it's safe to say that I'm a huge fan of X, but this cd falls short compared to other sountracks I've heard. It just simply wasn't impressive compared to other series. The entire cd (exept the bonus tracks) is just filled with BGM, what you should expect. But none of them actually cought my interest.

I found that this cd lacks variety. All of the BGM are dark, grim, horror, and atmospheric. The music here are mostly sounds of drums and nonsense, similiar to certain BGM tracks from the game "Silent Hill". It lacks melody usually found in other BGM. This cd doesn't compare to the music of Vampire Princess Miyu or Goddess Reincarnation. Overall, there is nothing here that an average fan would want to hunt for. But because of the style of the music, it does make it unique & different for a change compared to the other mediocor BGM from other series. Even if this cd isn't as good as the other series, I do have to say that the BGM is just average. Because of the lack of variety in the music, the fight scenes doesn't seem to excite you as much as it should be.

On the positive side, I love the theme song "Forever Love" which they call as simply Forever on track 24. It was played by the former J-Pop band "X-Japan" (broken up in '97?). It's a wonderfull love song and the kareoke version can be fun to sing along to also. The only other postive thing about this cd I can find is the fact that they include nice pics from the movie in the inserts, including character pics. I wish I can change my attitude on this cd, but if you're going to love this cd just for the BGM, you're probably rare. If you did enjoy the movie very much, then you'd probably want to buy the cd. It would be more memorable for you. Other than that, I only see X fans going out to buy this cd.

For a look on the pics found in the booklet, check out Kenmasters

For MP3 of Forever Love: Go to Rabi's X cd Page

X Character File 7: Kamui/Fuuma

X Character Files 7 -back-X Character Files 7VICL 18244
Length: 21:39

  1. Fuuma
  2. Kamui
    16 kbps 11khz mono 55 sec.
    16kbps 11khz mono 1:23 sec.

All of these drama cd's are really for die-hard fans. These short little stories are various scenes taken out of the more important turning points from the mangas. But I could see only a dedicated fan would enjoy these cd's. There are only 2 tracks and both being drama tracks with not many background music accuring during the dialogue. But if you are a dedicated fan, then this cd would be a nice addition to your collection. Plus the price tag for it is reasonable enough.

Fans would find only one disappointment in this cd, which is ...They waste a good amount of time repeating a section of the drama for tracks 1 AND 2. The memorable scene where Kamui declares his undevoted protection to Kotori & Fuuma just after helping the disfuncional Kotori up from being drowned. Since this scene both involves Kamui & Fuuma, they decided to include this portion in both, therefore rehashing previous works. This is just a wast of space where they could of included a different scene to act out. This leaves an impression that this cd is either a rush job or someone was just lazy to make an additional scene.

For fan-translations: Rabi's X cd Page

X Character File Soundtrack

X Character Files OSTVICL 386
Length: 64:03


  1. YUZURIHA [3:31]
  2. NATAKU [3:23]
  3. SATSUKI [7:16]
  4. KAREN [3:58]
  5. SUBARU [4:15]
  6. SORATA [4:38]
  7. YUTO [3:26]
  8. ARASHI [3:35]
  9. SEIICHIRO [4:05]
  10. KUSANAGI [5:05]
  11. SEISHIRO [5:12]
  12. KAKYOU [4:32]
  13. FUMA [6:00]
  14. KAMUI [4:31]
    16kbps 11khz mono 2:14 sec.

Sound Producers:
Kanno Yoko Tracks: 1,4,5,8
Mizoguchi Hajime Tracks: 2,3,14
Nagaoka Seikou Tracks: 6,9
Hogari Hisaaki Tracks: 7,12
Suou Yoshikazu Tracks: 10
Fukuoka Yutaka Tracks: 11,13

A wonderful group of well-talented composers come together here to form this astonishing collection of BGM music. With some known composers like Yoko Kanno & Hajime Mizoguchi, this cd is worth collecting for fans & non-fans alike. An added bonus: the cd contains slips of pics of the other back-covers of previous drama cd's.

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